Unusual Breeds -the Puli


The puli originates from Hungary. This lively, energetic dog was and still is used to herd sheep. This natural high energy means that it is difficult to keep this dog indoors as it needs plenty of exercise and training. However like many herding breeds it makes a good guardian or nanny dog for children. They are very sensitive to the atmosphere in their own family pack. They can also be very strong willed and may even attempt to “herd” their owners around if they believe there is danger or the routine is broken. It may know the children’s bed-time regime and try to enforce this! They are wary of strangers and their high energy means remain very playful their whole lives which makes them a great agility breed.

The plural of “puli” is pulik.

It takes about 4 years to grow that amazing dread-lock coat! This makes them look much larger than they actually are. Many groomers do not know how to maintain this coat and it is best to seek advise from puli breeders. When the puppies are born they only have a slight “crimp” to their fur. After a year the adult fur comes in and then it must be separated into cords. This must go on for about 4 months to set the cords. Some owners do clip their dogs to maintain the coat easily, however it is a main feature of this fantastic breed.


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