Juno and Silas

This is Silas (below) a beautiful One Year Old X Mix, Silas is a very sweet dog, he is compliant and wants to please, he is intelligent and has a very engaging personality, however due to his youthful exuberance Anjali (his owner) decided that some help was needed, DBM was also asked for help today with Anjalis second dog Juno a wonderful Husky X Greyhound Mix, Juno (above) is triggered by small dogs into states of high excitement and needs to learn to curb her natural exuberance, we discussed at length many aspects of the dogs lives, and worked each dog outside individually, both dogs responded very well to the programs prescribed, and positive growth was evident, Anjali will now be able to progress with the program, so a big well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.


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