Best Tips for Your Dog on Firework Night!

Is your dog scared of fireworks? Most are, here are some great tips for keeping your bestfriend feeling safe.
Is your dog is new to you or hasn’t experienced the terrors of what often sounds like a war zone? Then DON’T leave them the first time there are fireworks going on. They rely on you to keep them safe and will look to you for support, also you could well end up coming back to a very unsightly mess.
Dogs will often start at the sound and then look at you to see how you react, make sure you remain calm and act as if nothing is going on, because it is really just noise. In fact this is an excellent time to use calming signals with your dog. Yawning, slowly blinking and turning your head away from him will tell him everything is fine, you’re relaxed so he should be too, and the more you use these signals the more he will copy you!

For more on calming signals go to the What are Calming signals in Dogs? page.

Some dogs are more sensitive and may just completely panic, these dogs benefit from places to hide- setting up a crate with a blanket over the top or making a dark hidey hole, somewhere near you, for them to go into of their own accord.

NEVER let your dog off a lead with fireworks around, it simply isn’t worth the risk if they bolt and go into flight mode, keep them inside as much as possible on these nights as this will dampen.
DON’T over react, even if your dog is really frightened, shaking or running about he does not need you losing the plot too, remain calm at all times. Keeping very reactive dogs on a lead with you inside can also be a massive help as it is a direct line to something safe, calm and stable.

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