Most Unusual Dog Breeds- The Catalburun

The Catalburun

The Catalburn is an extremely rare breed of dog that originates from Turkey and is only 1 of 3 breeds with this distinctive split nose! Its name even means split (catal) nose (burun). The two sections of the nose have literally come apart a few millimeters and are still attached by a thin layer of skin.

As a pointer it makes an excellent hunter and has immense stamina. Although easy to train and a brilliant working companion it is not a good pet for regular indoor life as it needs lots of exercise, both physically and mentally. Without giving this breed what he needs, as with any breed, he will turn his energy into problems. If given the correct environment, however this dog makes a lovely, calm companion.

The caralburun is not a recognised KC breed yet but it is estimated that only 200 are left! However the double nosed design (originally believed to give the dog a much stronger sense of smell) may be linked to a cleft palate and therefore isn’t always bred for.


As far as family life is concerned Catalburuns are very friendly with their owners and family children but aren’t overly social with strangers or other dogs. This trait makes them a very good watch dog however.

The catalburun has an average life span of 12 years and stands 20 inches at the shoulder. It differs from other pointers as it is shorter and stockier, however it is known to be fast and agile – highly prized traits in a hunting dog. Unfortunately it is rarely seen outside of Turkey making it near impossible to own and also means that this rare breed is heading for extinction before it’s special traits have even been recognised.


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