Buzz, Woody and Hulk

This is Buzz, a 2 year old Pug, Woody (above), a 1 year old Pug and Hulk a 4 year old Yorki x. I met these 3 little rascals today and they belong to Amy. I was called in to address a multitude of issues including; Toilet Training (all 3) Hulk’s neediness, pulling and recall, Buzz’s high anxiety, barking at men and fighting with Hulk. Woody barks a lot and raids bins and also fights with Hulk.

Today we set to work addressing all of these issues and the results were instantly evident! We covered leadership skills for Amy, lead work, front door protocols, anti barking programs, anti aggression programs, claiming space, removing trigger points and toilet basics! So a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.



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