Could Your Dog Be Breaking the Law? (UK)

Dog Law in the UK

It’s important to know exactly what the current law in the UK states about your dog’s behaviour and what can get him into trouble. Did you know that a dog doesn’t just have to bite someone to be put down?

Dangerously Out of Control

It is an offense to have a dog “dangerously out of control” in a public area or private property (as of 2014). If your dog is found to be, it could be seized and put down. You could also be facing fines, prison sentences and a ban on keeping dogs unless you can convince the courts otherwise.

So what is “dangerously out of control”?

This is classified as a dog that injures a person, or even that a person is worried that it will injury them. This can include barking, jumping and chasing someone. The law even goes as far as, if a dog attacks someone’s animal or the owner of said animal believes he will be injured if he intervenes, this could cause involvement of the police and penalties.

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It is important to note that if your dog chases or attacks livestock a farmer has the right to kill him on the spot.

Fortunately the law has been slightly amended, as of 2014, so that it is NOT mandatory to put down dogs that have had complaints but are still deemed safe. There is also now a fairer justice system for dogs, such as, if another person was at fault you may get a more lenient outcome. Often muzzling a dog in public places rather than putting him down will be enough to satisfy the courts.

Muzzling aggressive dogs goes a long way to protecting him and although there is a lot of stigma around muzzles, it is a far better outcome for a reactive dog than to be put to sleep. For quick, easy steps on how to get your dog used to a muzzle click here>> Train Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle in 6 Easy Steps.

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If you are worried that your dog has behavioral problems and you need some help, please go to Dog Training – Home Visiting Sessions and have a read about what is included in a private training session, from recall to aggression. 

It is well worth knowing the law on dog behaviour so you can be extra cautious and help to protect your best friend, even if it’s from himself! And remember, always practice working with your dog so that he’s listening, balanced and not getting himself into any trouble.

Happy Dog Training from Fawn Dog!


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