This is Leo, an adorable 10 month old rescue dog from Spain. Leo was a street dog and has only been with his new family for a few days so obviously his owners, Tania and Michael, were keen to start him off on the right paw 🐾. Leo had separation anxiety and Tania had to sleep downstairs with him at night, being a street dog he was also overly interested in their 2 cats and needed to learn they were part of the pack. We had a very full and comprehensive session with young Leo today, we covered healthy relationships and environment issues plus a very complete and full training regime regarding his future education. We then moved on to front door protocols and finished up the session with socialisation to the two cats. Leo performed exceptionally well today, quickly picking up on all that was asked of him, including being a lot calmer with the cats around, so a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Tania said afterwards…

We adopted our Dog Leo a week ago from Spain. He is 10 months old. He was living on the streets and was put into a kill shelter on death row. Because he’s never had the discipline, and to be honest we didn’t know a lot about dogs in general, and also we have 2 cats that need to be integrated with him. We called upon the services of Malcolm (Dog Barking Mad). Such a lovely man who has a great wealth of experience with dogs. We now have a much better understanding on how to communicate with Leo, and how to correct any bad behaviour. We also learnt a lot of facts about dogs that we never knew. There has been a noticeable improvement already. Malcolm not only explains what to do to train your dog but the reasons for doing it. We highly recommend his services. It’s fun, fascinating and educational. We award him 5 gold stars. Thank you Malcom.

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