This magnificent fellow is Hercules, a 4 year old Bulldog. Hercules has a bit of a chequered history, he was used as a breeding machine in his last home and has had various other homes prior to that. Today DBM was called in by Demetri and Janine, his new owners (of just 1 month), to address a few issues. Hercules is aggressive towards men, as I found out to my dismay when I arrived at the house, one step through the front door led to three very fast bites from Hercules! Although no blood drawn it was a very strong grip and obviously this is totally unacceptable behaviour for a guest to endure, plus Hercules pulls hard on the lead when out on walks far too much to handle for Janine and he is also a bit of a food bandit indoors if not watched carefully. The first thing we did was to use a few simple techniques to remove the aggression and create a more sociable atmosphere for us all to enjoy, next we focused on relationship and environment issues, then it was off out for a walk to work on his pulling. Everything was done very carefully and sensitively, as always safety must be put first. Although bulldogs are often stubborn Hercules responded very quickly to his training program and I am confident that with a little work he will soon be walking nicely. We also laid out a simple program for him to follow with regards his food obsession, so a big DBM well done to Hercules today, keep up the good work.

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