This magnificent fellow is Arnie, a 1 year old Saint Bernard. Today I was called in by Mat and Miki to address a few issues. Toilet training had been a problem but Arnie has recently made positive progress in that direction. However resource guarding (and much more serious issue) is still an issue and has led to warning bites and controlling Miki’s mum, Sharon, by not letting her out of the house! Obviously this is a bad problem, so today I sat down with Arnie and the family (7 people involved in Arnies day to day care ) and we went through everything in the dog world relevant to Arnie. Relationship issues, environment issues, dog communication skills, leadership skills, how to deal with the resource guarding issue safely, how to claim and control space and much more. There is a lot of foundation work to be done with issues like this and it’s so important that it’s put into place alongside the practical techniques. We put all of this new found knowledge into practical application with Arnie and I’m pleased to say that Arnie responded very naturally to his training today, as did the whole family, so an excellent days work was had by all. Arnie is a lovely lad, to him he was following simple rules of the dog world and once I was able to show everyone how the rules worked and we started changing things around he quickly started relaxing. Good boy!

Here’s what Miki said afterwards…

Already seeing massive improvements from Arnie after a visit from Malcolm! The knowledge he has is incredible and the difference we have seen already just communicating with Arnie in his own language! We have a way to go but already we are working hard, and so is he!! We get our space like in the picture and already lots of indoor lead work and eliminating the giving of paw to lay down and wait! Thank you so much!! 🐕

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