Elsa and Evie

Today I was called in by Keith and Lynn to address a socialisation problem with their youngest dog Elsa. Keith and Lynn own Mini Schnauzers and have 2 dogs; Evie an adorable 4 year old and Elsa a beautiful 2 year old. Elsa is very good off lead but will bark and be very anti social when on lead, not only does this make for a stressful walk for her owners but is also making poor Evie on edge too. We laid out a sensible program for Elsa and her owners to follow so that she can calm down and listen. We looked at relationship and environment issues, we discussed leadership skills and then it was off to the park for some practical training. Elsa met several dogs today and I’m pleased to say responded well to her new training regime, learning to address her usual adrenaline rush and return to a point of calm very quickly with minimal barking. I’m sure that with a little help and encouragement from Keith and Lynn Elsa will soon be back on track, so a big well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Schnauzer dog training


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