Blue and the Poodle Pack

This is Blue, a beautiful 7 month old Standard Poodle. He lives with his 7 month old brother (the joker of the pack!) Rolo, a magnificent, gentle natured 4 year old grey Poodle called Bow and also a wonderful 10 year old patriarchal black Poodle call Buster. This is the Poodle pack! Today I was called in by Julie and Andy, their owners, to address a few issues with the young dogs… hyper energy, nipping, jumping up guests, playing too rough, lead pulling and bullying poor Bow! Obviously it’s time for our two young rascals to start their home schooling, so today we addressed relationship issues and environment control with the owners, we also individually addressed all of the above problems, so that Julie and Andy know exactly what to do in any given situation. Then off out with young Blue for some lead work to teach him not to pull. All of the dogs responded amazingly well to their training today as did Julie and Andy, and young Blue achieved his best walk to date! So a big well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Julie and Andy said afterwards…

Malcolm came to our house on Thursday,,we have 4 standard poodles 2 of which are puppies, we were having trouble with them being hyper jumping up and nipping all the time and picking on our 4year old bow, and I could not even walk them myself due to Bleu pulling so bad,generally not listening to us at all !! Within walking through the Door Malcolm had them under control just by body language and commons , it was unbelievable to watch, it has made such a difference already we can’t believe it,the tools Malcolm has given us we are truly thankful,obviously we all need to keep the tools in place, but the difference in our house is simply amazing and our Dogs even seem happier THANK-YOU So Much DBM(Malcolm) we are truly greatful.

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