A Harness Just for Sighthounds

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You may have wondered if sighthounds need a special kind of harness. 

It’s not a bad idea! 

In fact, our friends over at Snootiful Hound had the same idea and thought that they probably should.

Snootiful Hound:

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Snootiful Hound is a business set up to serve sighthounds, and their main product is a harness designed just for sighthound breeds. The owner was inspired by his own sighthound, Blondie, a rescue Saluki mix.

He quickly found out that Blondie had a knack for escaping traditional dog harnesses, and with a bit more research, he found out that it’s actually quite common with sighthound breeds. Because of their unique body shapes, with a big chest and a slim neck and head, it made it quite easy for them to back out of many harnesses.

That’s when he set out to design an escape proof harness designed just for sighthounds.

sighthound harness

The Escape Proof Harness:

greyhound harness escape proof

Firstly, the harness had to be escape proof. Although a sighthound’s unique body shape is what makes them susceptible to slipping out of traditional harnesses, it also helped to come up with an escape proof design.

See, behind the big chest is a very slim waist. By adding a third strap to the harness which tucks behind the chest, it would make it impossible for the harness to slip forward. Just like that, we had an escape proof harness.

But why stop there. Sighthounds have other unique needs too, so it also has extra padding, 5 points of adjustment to get a perfect fit, 2 handles for extra control and more unique features!

So if you have a sighthound, then why not check it out and use code FAWNDOG for 10% off https://snootifulhound.co.uk/products/sighthound-no-escape-harness


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