Stop My Dog Barking at Night

dog barking at night

I meet so many owners who have a problem with their dog barking at night!

 It’s an annoying problem, not only for you who gets woken up but of course your neighbours, who may in fact have already sent you a letter with their views on the matter and it’s all very stressful!

Why is My Dog Barking at Night?

It may seem that your dog is barking at night for no reason, but there could be many. 

Noises outside could trigger barking or if your dog needs the toilet.

 (Although only young puppies and very elderly dogs shouldn’t need a toilet break at night).

 It could also just be for attention or a bad habit.

Dogs are a great deterrent to burglars and alerting you that something unusual is happening, however I’m sure you would agree you don’t need him telling you about every fox and mouse that has just scurried across the path!

 If he’s easily triggered at night by sound, move his bed to another room that is quieter. 

Barking at Night Noises

Some breeds have a natural guarding instinct and will bark at night if they hear noises. 

He is just doing his job- to warn you.  

If he is also barking in the day, however, this would be better to be addressed by a qualified behaviourist, day barking could be separation anxiety, which is a very in-depth training program.

Why do Dogs Bark?

When wolves and dogs become separated and want to find their pack they will howl and call to them. 

This means that if you come down in the night to check on your dog this is reinforcing his barking behaviour- he has successfully called you to him! 

Basically, if there is no apparent reason for him to bark, you will encourage more barking at night.

There will be a few disturbed nights sleep (especially if your dog has successfully learnt to “call” you back) but this ultimately will break the cycle of night barking. 

Dogs in rescue centres are a good example of this. 

They will bark every time they hear a noise or when visitors walk past the doors but they don’t keep this up all day. Once the stimulation has gone they quickly return to being quiet, including at night.

If you ignore all the barking he will learn it gets no response and then everyone can get a good nights sleep!

why my dog Barking night


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